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Other news

07/2008 Added two new models to the DB (CSIRO-Mk3L-1.0 and CSIRO-Mk3L-1.1).

Added NetCDF versions of some of the text insolation tables in the Boundary Conditions Tables' section.
07/2007 The URL of the MOTIF web site has changed... Please make sure that you use the correct URL (http://motif.lsce.ipsl.fr) in your papers and web sites!

There is a new page listing the PMIP2/MOTIF Published Papers.
06/04/2007 The PMIP2/MOTIF summary papers (Part 1 and Part 2) have been published in Climate of the Past, and you now have to refer to the PMIP2/MOTIF DB by citing the Part 1 paper.
03/26/2007 The database Synthesis Maps have been updated and the list of models used for creating each of the AverageModel and the AverageModelRMS maps is plotted more clearly.
10/2006 You can now see what models (and what experiments) are in the database in a short form, in the DB content summary page.
09/2006 The content of the Synthesis Maps sub-section has been updated: DJF plots have been corrected ('December' was incorrectly given the same weight as 'January+February'), and the text quality of the maps has been improved.
08/2006 Version 1.2 of the ICE-5G global ice sheet reconstruction is now available on the web site. Note that MOTIF participants still absolutely have to use the ICE-5G v1.1 version!
07/2006 The content of the Work Packages section has been updated (but the access is currently restricted to the MOTIF participants...).
06/2006 The content of the Synthesis Maps sub-section has been updated.
12/2005 The Venice workshop section has been updated (and now includes all the available presentations).
10/2005 There is now some content in the Work Packages section!

There is a new Synthesis Maps sub-section in the Database section, where some variables' plots are available.

Informations about the Venice workshop are available in the Events section.
09/2005 The content of the database can now be accessed remotely through the LSCE MOTIF OPeNDAP server.
08/2005 The database has been updated, and the changes are detailed in the Database History subsection.

The recommended acknowledgment has been added to the Publications section.

The bits and pieces of models' documentation are available in the Raw Documentation page. Please send the required information and relevant documents to the webmaster.
06/2005 The project reference number on the Home Page has been updated and included in a standard EC support acknowledgment.
04/2005 There a new Database History subsection that makes it easier to know what changes have been made to the database.
03/25/2005 The database is online! All the data files received so far at LSCE have been inserted into the DB. The DB location is specified in the local access page.

The available models, experiments and variables are listed in the Database Statistics section.

There is a new page detailing the database structure.

The data submission page has been updated to clarify things, after receiving the first models data. This page will be updated, as more common errors are identified...
03/14/2005 There is a new version of the CMOR tables: 05_03_14 (changes).

There is a new sub-section for useful CMOR related utilities, with a MOTIF formatting utility (pp-motif) contributed by Ian Ross.
03/10/2005 There has been another MAJOR update and cleaning of all the PMIP2 CMOR tables (including a slight change in the tables' names).

The lists of Atmosphere, Ocean, Land-Surface and Vegetation and Ice variables have been updated accordingly.

There are new sub-sections of the web site detailing how to submit data and how to access the MOTIF database.
02/18/2005 There has been a MAJOR update and cleaning of the atmosphere and vegetation and land-surface PMIP2 CMOR tables.

The lists of Atmosphere and Land-Surface and Vegetation variables have been updated accordingly.

Please use the new tables and let the webmaster know about the errors you find (there unfortunately MUST be some remaining errors...)!

A new data set is available in the Data Synthesis section: 6k North Atlantic Sea-Surface Temperatures.
02/03/2005 The new version of the CMOR configuration tables has been released (05_02_02).

The Data Synthesis pages are being updated to take version 4.2 of BIOME 6000 into account and include new data sets. News about this will be posted here as soon as the data sets are online.

The minutes of the Exeter workshop have been added to the same directory as the presentations.

The French section of the web site has been cleaned a little bit.
12/2004 The initial version of the CMOR configuration tables supplied by Michel Crucifix have been put on-line.

The local copies of the IPCC requirements' documents have been updated.
10/2004 The MOTIF logo has been updated! Please try to use only the official versions available on the Logos page... This page can be easily accessed by clicking on the big MOTIF logo on the home page!

The 18 months report is available in the Administration section.

The Events section has been updated to include the lists of participants, presentations and pictures of the 2004 Bristol and Exeter meetings.

All the variables' lists have been updated, but some variables are still missing a CF convention standard name.

The beta 3 version of the river routing data files has been taken off-line and is being checked by Sandy Harrison and Kerstin Sickel.

Michel Crucifix has submitted a set of IDL-like sources to help convert ocean model output files to a C grid (and the Lagrangian Analysis page has been updated accordingly).

The addresses of the list server and of the mailing lists have changed! The old addresses should still work temporarily, but it is probably better to use the new ones. :)
09/23/2004 The required output format is now described in the Experimental Design section of the site.

The list of Ocean Variables has been updated to match the IPCC output requirements more closely: when applicable there is now only one variable defined on four basins, instead of four variables, and the standard name and DB columns have been updated.

A new page about lagrangian diagnostics has been created in the Experiments section.

The beta 3 version of the river routing data files has been released.

There is a new sub-section for (hopefully) useful CDAT scripts.
07/2004 The beta 2 version of the river routing data files has been released.
Further changes in these files will be posted here and reported in the motif-all mailing list.

The official list of MOTIF partners and participants has been updated. Please make sure that the information is correct, and also check your coordinates in the Address Book.

In order to access the data stored at LSCE when it is available, MOTIF participants have to fill the Access Request Form and fax it to LSCE.
04/2004 The MOTIF web site has been updated to be again completely consistent with the PMIP 2 web site (sorry for the delay).

The new river routing data files are available on the web site! Please note that this is a BETA VERSION of the data set... Changes in these files will be posted here and reported in the motif-all mailing list.

The variable's lists have been updated again.

The hierarchy of the Vegetation variables (from compulsory to optional) has been simplified, and it has been decided that these variables should now be referred to as the Land-surface and Vegetation variables.

12/2003 The variable's lists and the levels' and frequencies definitions have been updated again.

The dates of perihelion and aphelion for the 6 kyr BP orbit have been corrected (March and September had to be switched).
10/2003 The variables' lists and the levels' and frequencies definitions have been significantly updated (and hopefully improved). Make sure you visit again the variables' page and check that the variables you require are still present...

Please get quickly in touch with the apropriate coordinator and the webmaster if anything seems wrong!

The layout of the Events section has been slightly changed to avoid confusion between MOTIF events and related events.
09/18/2003 New sections of the web site: Data flow, Data Synthesis, Contributions and Links.

The MOTIF Variables' section has been updated to be completely consistent with the same section on the PMIP 2 web site.

A water-hosing subsection has been added to the Experiments section.

Please make sure you answer the MARGO questionnaire in the Contrib Section!
08/2003 In spite of the heat wave over France and the lack of air conditionning, the web site is being updated to make it easier to keep it consistent with the newborn PMIP 2 web site and vice-versa.

Please keep on letting the webmaster know about everything that seems wrong.
03/2003 Plenty of things have been updated, following the Kickoff Meeting!

MOTIF participants can access the meeting presentations on-line.
02/2003 Welcome to the MOTIF web site!

As you will soon discover, this site is still under construction... Make sure you let the webmaster know about your wishes, the broken links, the missing information and everything that seems wrong or odd. :)

Does this web site reminds you of something? 10 points for your team if you know the URL of the PMIP Web Site by heart!

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