MOTIF Database Remote Access


Please do NOT put a link to the actual [an error occurred while processing this directive] LSCE OPeNDAP server on a web page, or send a mail with the server's address to a mailing list that may be read by non-MOTIF partners, or archived on a publicly accessible mailing-list archive... Thanks!


The MOTIF database can be accessed locally if you have a computer account at LSCE, or remotely, through the LSCE OPeNDAP (aka DODS) server.

Technical problems and errors, as well as data quality problems, should be reported immediately to the database administrator.

If you are a MOTIF partner, you (or somebody from your group) should already have a local account and know how to access the OPeNDAP server. If this is not the case, please send a mail to the database administrator.

If you are not a MOTIF partner, you may want to look at the same page on the PMIP 2 web site...

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