MOTIF Workshop 4 Participants



If your name is not in the list below, make sure you have visited the workshop registration page...

Note: the detailed list of participants is available on the registration web site.

Partner Participants
LSCE Pascale Braconnot

Masa Kageyama
Alexandre Lainé
Olivier Marti
Jean-Yves Peterschmitt
Yan Zhao
METO Michel Crucifix
UBRIS Sandy Harrison

Rupert Gladstone
Paul Valdes
KNMI Nanne Weber
UDESAM Simon Brewer
Christelle Hély
Haibin Wu
UOB Carin Andersson-Dahl
UCL-ASTR Marie-France Loutre
MPI-MET Ute Merkel
LPO Sabrina Speich
Invited Andrea Bergamasco (ISMAR)
Myriam Khodri (IRD)


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