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The workshop will take place from Tuesday November 22nd 2005 (10am) to Thursday November 24th 2005 (5pm). The detailed program of the workshop is available in the Programme section.


We have configured an automated registration tool, with great help from Andrew Harwood from the British Atmospheric Data Centre.

You have to register online by visiting the

    MOTIF WS4 Registration Page

The workshop organizers (Sabrina Speich and Pascale Braconnot) will automatically be notified of your registration. You have to fill the registration form, even if you have already (directly) told the organizers that you would attend the workshop.

Please try to fill the registration form correctly, because there is no easy way to change the fields once you have validated the form (the organizers or the MOTIF webmaster have to destroy the record and you have to fill the form again)...

Any questions about the registration form or registration problems should be sent directly to the MOTIF webmaster.

Registration fees

There are no registration fees, but each participant will have to pay for his own food and lodging.


Thanks to Sabrina, the workshop will be hosted by ISMAR-Venice (Istituto di Scienze Marine - Venezia), in the Palazzo Papadopoli.

Palazzo Papadopoli

Coordinates of the Conference Center:

   ISMAR-CNR Institute
   1364 S. Polo 30125

   Phone: +39 -41 -5216 811
   Fax: +39 -41 -2602 340 / 5216 892

Getting there...

It is up to the participants to arrange their transportation to the conference center and to/from their hotel.

Getting to the ISMAR-CNR Institute by foot from Santa Lucia railway station

Once in Venice, down the stairs of Santa Lucia railway station, follow the bank on the left and cross Ponte degli Scalzi.

Continue straight ahead in Calle Lunga delle Chioverete. Down the street turn left in Calle dei Bergami and cross the bridge. Walk past the church on the left, and going under the portico follow Calle della Chiesa. At its end, the street turns slightly on the right and then on the left, and then immediately on the right take Calle Larga dei Bari. At the end of the street, on the left, lies Campo Nazario Sauro. Cross the square from left to right, to take Calle Ruga Bella and cross the bridge leading to Campo San Giacomo dall'Orio.

Cross Campo San Giacomo from left to right and take Calle del Tintor and after crossing the bridge keep walking straight down Rio Terrą del Parruchetta. The street turns left and immediately after, on the right walk along Calle del Scaleter. At the end of the street cross Ponte di Ca' Bernardo, and continue down Calle Bernardo, at the end of which you'll have to turn right, and turning slightly left immediately after you'll find Campo San Polo. Cross the square along the left side and on the left go under the portico and continue in Calle della Madonetta. The street ends in Campiello dei Meloni, with a flower shop (Biancat) on the left. Turning your back on the shop entrance, at the end of Calle Larga della Malvasia, you'll see the gates of Palazzo Papadopoli.

Getting to the ISMAR-CNR Institute by Vaporetto from Santa Lucia railway station

Down the stairs of Santa Lucia railway station, take Vaporetto line 1 (the rapid line) on the farthest ACTV pier on the right, in direction of Rialto Lido; the boat will arrive from the right side of the canal. Get off the Vaporetto at San Silvestro (right after Rialto boat stop). Pass under the portico della Pasina, turn slightly left and then walk straight down Calle dei Sbianchesini leading to Campo Sant'Aponal. Arriving on the square turn left, past the bookshop Demetra take Calle di Mezzo, and you'll arrive in Campiello dei Meloni, on the other side indicated in the former instructions. The flower shop Biancat lies on the right. Turning your back on the shop entrance, at the end of Calle Larga della Malvasia, you'll see the gates of Palazzo Papadopoli.

PS: this may seem complicated, but with these indications the way will be simple and fast, without pointless or complicated meanders.

[Translated from the Italian original instructions by J. Powel]

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It is up to each participant to make her/his own hotel reservations!

We have been provided with a list of recommended hotels that you can use.

Miscellaneous notes


   Sabrina Speich

   Pascale Braconnot


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