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Ian Ross / UBRIS / 02-2005


The MOTIF post-processor pp-motif is intended to provide a simple interface for modelling groups to produce CF-compliant output data files for incorporation into the MOTIF or PMIP2 databases.

It uses the CMOR library to write CF-compliant netCDF files, using the PMIP2 CMOR configuration tables to control the metadata incorporated into the files, and to maintain project-wide consistency of file formats.

pp-motif consists of two main parts, a model-independent wrapper and infrastructure, and a model-dependent part that deals with extracting data for particular variables from a model's native output files. Adapting pp-motif to a new model requires the implementation of five routines for initialisation, extraction of model axis and unit information and extraction of model data time slices.

This release is an alpha release for people to have a look at, since it supports only the output formats used by myself in working with the FOAM/LPJ model, and it is not up to date with the latest versions of the CMOR configuration tables. Also, the documentation is very scanty, and more work is needed.

Another release is anticipated soon, which will be fully consistent with the CMOR configuration tables on this site.


Program source pp-motif-alpha.tar.gz


This page is based on Ian's original pp-motif page and is hopefully up-to-date...

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