MOTIF Kick Off Meeting Programme



MOTIF kickoff meeting
Saint-Lambert-des-Bois, France
March 16th to 18th, 2003


Sunday, March 16th

Arrival of the participants at the congress center. Dinner will be available at 20:00. Those arriving later will have to make their own arrangements.

Monday, March 17th

Breakfast and arrival of the locals: 0800-0900
0900-0920 Pascale Braconnot: Welcome and goals of the meeting
Sylvie Joussaume: Link between MOTIF and PMIP 2
0920-1030 Chair Nanne Weber

Short presentation of each partner (10mn each)
  1. Who are we?
  2. What do/did we do?
  3. One recent key result for MOTIF (optional)
Coffee Break: 1030-1100
1100-1130 Chair Nanne Weber

End of partners' presentations
1130-1230 Chair Paul Valdes

Boundary Conditions (WP1)

Masa Kageyama: Sensitivity experiment to ice sheet roughness
Dick Peltier: Ice sheet reconstruction : ICE-5G
Sandy Harrison: Drainage basin at 21 ka estimated from Hydra
Sabrina Speich: The use of Ariane in MOTIF
Michel Crucifix: Impact of changes in net primary productivity on climate
Lunch: 1230-1430
1430-1630 Chair Sylvie Joussaume

Data synthesis (WP2)

Short presentations of what can be done on the data side for 6ka and 21 ka

Marine side
  Elsa Cortijo
  Kyung Ean Lee
  Eystein Jansen

Continental side
  Doris Barboni
  Simon Brewer

Coffee Break: 1630-1700
1700-1845 Discussions in two small groups:

  WP1 / Model (Chris Hewitt)

  WP2 / Data (Sandy Harrison)
Dinner: 2000

Tuesday, March 18th

Breakfast: 0800-0900
0900-1030 Synthesis of working group discussions

Chris Hewitt: WP1

Sandy Harrison: WP2
Coffee Break: 1030-1100
1100-1230 Nanne Weber: WP5
Paul Valdes: WP4
Pascale Braconnot: WP3

Lunch: 1230-1400
1400-1545 Jean-Yves Peterschmitt: How will we work together?
  Web site
  Database (required variables, formats, ...)

Pascale Braconnot: Conclusions of the meeting

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