MOTIF Standard Experiments


Experiment names

Please note that the experiment names below mention PMIP 2 on purpose, eventhough the experiments are performed in the course of the MOTIF project!

Short name Long experiment name
PMIP2_0K_OA Pre-industrial Ocean-Atmosphere PMIP2 experiment
PMIP2_0K_OAV Pre-industrial Ocean-Atmosphere-Vegetation PMIP2 experiment
PMIP2_6K_OA Mid-Holocene 6k Ocean-Atmosphere PMIP2 experiment
PMIP2_6K_OAV Mid-Holocene 6k Ocean-Atmosphere-Vegetation PMIP2 experiment
PMIP2_21K_OA Last Glacial Maximum Ocean-Atmosphere PMIP2 experiment
PMIP2_21K_OAV Last Glacial Maximum Ocean-Atmosphere-Vegetation PMIP2 experiment

OA and OAV experiment

Possible asynchronous OAV experiment

Additional experiments

Experiments used to study the role of ocean and vegetation feedbacks.

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