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The MOTIF kick-off meeting will be held in Saint-Lambert-des-Bois (near St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, which is not too far from LSCE and Gif-sur-Yvette), in the Centre Port-Royal conference centre, from Sunday March 16th (arrival in the evening) to Tuesday March 18th (departure around 16:30).


Getting there...

It is not very easy to get from St-Remy RER station to Centre Port-Royal. It is important that everybody is on time on Monday, so please arrive on Sunday evening!

St-Remy is about 1:30 to 2 hours from CDG airport, 45 mn from Paris, 30 mn from Orly. Then you need a taxi or someone with a car to get to Centre Port-Royal. You may need twice as much time if you do not speak French and are not used to Paris and the surrounding area....

You can get additional information about travelling around Paris on the SCNF web site. We have listed below a train that should allow you to arrive just on time for dinner, and the LAST trains from CDG airport (Roissy 1 terminal) to Saint-Rémy.

Make sure you take a train that goes as far as Saint-Rémy. Don't just take any southbound RER B (RER B going to Robinson are on the wrong part of the fork!). If you are on the wrong train, you can still change in Bourg-la-Reine station.

If you miss the last RER B, you will be on your own and will have to take a taxi from CDG airport to the conference centre, which will be quite expensive...

Aéroport de Roissy Charles de Gaulle 1
18:05 19:26
21:50 23:14
22:20 23:44
22:50 00:14
23:21 00:44

You will have to call a taxi when you arrive in Saint-Rémy, so it may be a good idea to buy a calling card (50 Units Telecard - 7.41 EUR) in the airport!

We have a deal with taxi AST (phone number in table below) and will give them with a list of names and approximate arrival time, but you will still have to call them from the Saint-Rémy RER B station! You won't have to pay the taxi, LSCE will. Just tell them that you are attending the Réunion MOTIF à Port-Royal and that they will be paid by LSCE/CEA. If you have requested a taxi on Sunday evening, please check your place and time of arrival on the participants' list.

Do not forget to write down the address and phone number of the conference centre (it may be a good idea to hit the Print button of your browser right now :), as well as the the home/mobile phone numbers of Pascale Braconnot and Olivier Marti that were sent to the motif mailing list on March 12th (don't forget to fill in by hand Pascale and Olivier phone numbers in the table below...).

Contact Address / Phone
Conference Centre Centre Port-Royal
Chemin du Charme et du Carrosse
78470 Saint-Lambert-des-Bois
Phone: 01 30 12 17 12
Taxi AST Mobile phone: 06 61 23 67 67
Pascale Braconnot
Home phone:


Olivier Marti
Home phone:


The hotel rooms have been reserved in Saint-Lambert for Sunday (for the people who don't live in the area) and Monday evening. Pascale will give a ride to the Jena group (4 persons) from hôtel Le Village in Gif to Saint-Lambert on Sunday evening (pick-up time 1800 to 1900).

Financial details

Estimated cost : 120 euros/participant (this rate includes everything except the conference roomn that will be charged on the coordination part of the project).

The final rate will depend on the number of participants, so please let us know as soon as possible if you will attend the meeting!


   Pascale Braconnot

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