MOTIF Database Local Access


The data files stored in the MOTIF database can be accessed either remotely or locally.

Getting a computer account at LSCE

If you are MOTIF partner, you (or somebody from your group) should already have an account. If this is not the case, please send a mail to the database administrator.

If you are not a MOTIF partner, you may want to look at the same page on the PMIP 2 web site...

Using the LSCE computers

Once you have received the login and password that will allow you to access the LSCE network, please read the following instructions very carefully before proceeding!

Using the LSCE computing resources

Accessing the data

The value of DB_ROOT, the home of the database as specified in the database structure page, is:

    DB_ROOT = /home/motifdb/pmip2db

Note: if you need to access files that have been retired because they were replaced by newer versions, or files that were rejected because there was some kind of problem, you can find them in the following directories (if they have not been erased yet...):



The complete logs of what happened when the files were inserted in the database (or rejected...) can be found in:


Accessing pre-PMIP2 data

The previous PMIP database (aka PMIP1 DB) can be accessed locally in:


and some intermediate experiments (aka pre-PMIP2, or PMIP1.5 DB) can be accessed locally in:


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