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Jean-Yves Peterschmitt - LSCE - 09/2004


The CDAT program can be used to transform variables on a curvilinear grid to quasi-IPCC output format files: there will be one output variable per CF compliant output file and the attributes (coordinates', variable's and file's attributes) will be those required by IPCC, but the variable will still be on a curvilinear grid (whereas IPCC requires the output variables to be defined on rectilinear grids).

The program is currently set up to create monthly means (1 year with 12 time steps) from variables on the ORCA 4 curvilinear grid (OPA ocean model output), but it should be easy to have it work with other curvilinear grids and a different number of time steps.




Program source
Sample execution curv2curvipcc.txt
Sample input files (147 Kb)

ncdump -h (30 Kb)

ncdump -h
Sample output file (168 Kb)

ncdump -h

Note: the data file do not contain actual temperature values, but a checkers like pattern of 0 and 1 ° C.

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